San Diego 2014 Artists


FIGMENT San Diego 2014 Artists

Here's a preview of FIGMENT San Diego 2014 Artists. What are you bringing? 


A Child's Breath
Artist: Jason Rogalski

A Child’s Breath will be an interactive installation consisting of three connected 10’ x 10’ pop-up tents, equaling 10’ x 30’.

The 1st two tents will be a maze of translucent materials such as tulle fabrics & colored cellophane that the audience will walk through. The third tent will be a workshop that will prompt the audience to write a thought concerning prop. B or C on cellophane. They will add these writings into the maze, thus evolving the maze design.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.02.54 PM.png

ATB/Story-Poem Booth
Artist: Julia Doughty

At the Story-Poem Booth, tell Julia something about the topic she has posted. She will then make a story-poem for you--written on the spot with her manual typewriter.

Big Picture: The Point of Connection
Artist: Valerie Turner

Using participatory interaction from guests to complete a community painting, the artist hopes to illustrate that it is through individual's contributions, small or large, that a diverse and strong community is built.

Book Pond
Artist: Chuk Moran

Books! Knowledge! Words! There's enough to swim in! Rather than simply reading books, as school taught us to do, the book pond provides participants an opportunity to clamber around in a pile of books, build bookcastles, bury their friends, have a sit, make a table and have a snack, and soak in the information. In previous runs, we've found that people often sit together reading passages from outrageous tracts. Sometimes they bury themselves. Often they take books away with them.



The Carbon Footprint
Artist: Stephen Love

In this interactive art piece participants will be embarking on a collaborative journey using their feet as the paintbrush and their dance moves as their guide! We will dip our feet into an array of colors and then, either by taking turns one by one, in groups , or any other ways of group or solo dance, blast funky sounds of all genres and move all across the provided paper. We will be blending our movements in the most conventional, yet unconventional way! All ages are sure to participate and enjoy this project.

Circus Workshop Booth
Artist: Krystin Railing

Circus Mafia offers an interactive mobile circus entertainment workshop booth that is fun for children and adults of all ages. Includes jump roping, juggling, acro-yoga, poi, parachute games, and more! With roaming stilt walkers throughout the day to interact with everyone!



Clay Jaguar installation
Artist: Christina Wimer & Carmelo Esquer

Jaguar done in clay to be located at the veterans section of the park to honor the veterans. People can interact with the installation by making a clay plaque to be placed around the Jaguar with the name of a veterans.

The Color Experience
Artist: Erica Radziewicz

The color experience invites participants to connect with their mind, bodies, and emotions through the use of meditation, color, intuition and creativity. An introspective and interactive approach to how we view and respond to color.

Participants will select from 7 color stations, where they will either interact with one, several or all. They will be self-guided through a light meditation on their chosen color, focusing on the altar of items reflecting that color.

They will then be welcomed to express the experience with the color on a piece of paper using supplied drawing media in the corresponding color.

Each drawing will be attached to a canvas that is directly behind the altar, therefore strengthening the color's presence and energy for the next participant.

Alternatively, people are invited to collect found objects that correspond to a color and add it to the instagram "altar" #thisradiantlife at any time, creating a 'color scavenger hunt', and adding a unique voice to the overall work of installation art by contributing their creativity with social media as well as the drawings.

The colors represent different chakras, and therefore each carry a different energy. The goal is for participants to connect with that energy within themselves and in the world around them.

This work is about connection to self and how we are able to communicate this voice to others - combining our individual voice together with others creates a greater purpose, a larger picture. Displaying simply we are all alone, together, on this swing of life. Created for you by This Radiant Life.


The Color Experience. Photo by Chad Deal.

Color Response
Artist: Sajda Okai

The artist says a color to someone or gives them a card with a color on it and then they paint or draw the first thing that comes to their mind.

Sajda returns to the second FIGMENT San Diego on June 28th, after her successful project from 2013, “Public Collage,” pictured below.


Public Collage. Photograph by Paul Basta.

Comic Storytelling Cubes
Artist: Alonso Nunez

After successfully participating in San Diego’s first FIGMENT in 2013 with the “Super Hero Wall Mural” (pictured below), Alonso Nunez returns to the second FIGMENT San Diego on June 28th with a new project: “Comic Storytelling Cubes.” The comic or sequential art form is used to tell a million different stories. Utilizing various styles and incorporating different genres these three dimensional art pieces will tell whatever story each participant puts them in. The stories will go up, down and all around Chicano Park! Some sides will be left unfinished or blank and will allow participants the added participation of finishing some of the stories told.


Super Hero Mural. Photograph by Kevin Patterson


Community Juggling Lessons
Artist: Nathaniel Allenby

Encouraging dexterity, agility, focus, concentration, and perseverance through the practice of Juggling. Cirque Quirk aims to expand cross brain connections and encourage individuals to expand their consciousness of human capability.



Community Wing
Artist: Elena Etcheverry

Customize a Duct Tape feather and place it along side others' feathers to create a diverse and unified community project. Work together to achieve a common goal in our community.



Darkwad Stocks
Artist: Cheryl Barrar

Pillory and Stocks combination enhanced with sugar skulls. Old English punishment collides with the influence of Mexico's Day of the Dead.



Flow Jam
Artist: Sheri Keller

Free lessons. All levels welcome. Bring out your poi, staff, hula hoops, batons, fingers, balls, clubs, flags, and what ever else you want to spin and dance with. Come meet up with people who love to play with these toys, learn new tricks, learn new concepts, practice new ideas, teach others and enjoy the fun. Don't worry if you have no toys, there are always some extra to borrow during the class. We regularly meet every Sunday on the grass at the end of Saratoga in Ocean Beach from 10am onward. It's always awesome and always free. All ages.



Free Art
Artist: Lori Lipsman

Original works of art will be created for this event and given out at the event. I will walk around holding the free art sign and give out the works until they are gone.

Freeform Paint Project
Artist: Eric “Sholove” De La Rosa

A 32x4 feet double-sided wooden wall will be set up as a huge coloring book for participants to paint however they want. There will be graffiti style letters for them to fill in in any style that they enjoy.

Giant Bubbles
Artist: Brady Mahaney

Making giant bubbles using a simple soap concoction.

The Infinity Boxes
Artist: Matt Elson

The Infinity Boxes playfully explore human perception and social interaction. The Infinity Boxes objects draw the viewer in with their odd beauty and become progressively less comprehensible as you investigate. The Infinity Boxes facilitate experience of "The Other" and not "The Self" and have been called “totally sober drugs.” They are contemporary portraiture tuned to social media and seek to create a state of self awareness of the process of sight and through that to bring the participants into presence of the moment.



Artist: Stove Riggs

FIGMENT San Diego 2013 artist Stove Riggs returns to FIGMENT in 2014, bringing 2 large-scale, fully interactive, kaleidoscopes.



Life Size Soma Cube
Artist: Jesus Mendoza

From a life size 3 dimensional cube built from 7 parts you can create structures that range from a sphinx to a well. An interactive puzzle.

Artist: Sam Roberts

P.O.S.E is a physical game for 2 or more players. Players play a version of H.O.R.S.E. substituting difficult poses for basketball shots.

Projectile Paint By Numbers
Artist: Thanasi Glavas

Use a compressed air paint cannon to blast paint at a giant paint by numbers canvas. Combining art with science the objective is to demonstrate principles of trajectory and pressure. Having a "practice area" will let people learn how to use this "brush." Once they get it, they can contribute to a larger collaborative piece of work.


Radical Rainbow Factory
Artist: Ashley Young

The Radical Rainbow Factory creates beautiful, colorful, multi angled spirals on large floor canvases by swinging a big pendulum back and forth.

Collaborate with other participants on color choices and the momentum of the pendulum to create a complete work of art together.

The goal of the sculpture is to bring a group together, share ideas and paint onto a large surface to create a work of art. The participants can see how movement, thrust and color choices evolve into a spiraled art piece. We will supply large pieces of fabric canvas that can hang up after each piece is complete and large poster board is available if participants want to take their art home with them.

Artist: Dallas

The reflectahedron is a mirrored stainless steel polyhedron used for illumination and reflection. Participants interact by writing affirmations of personal and planetary transformation on the surface. They are encouraged to gaze in gratitude upon their words and those of others to amplify the reflective nature of consciousness and add to the collective manifestation effect.

Reflectahedron - Secondary Image.jpg


Rise of Quetzalcoatl
Artist: Cesar Castaneda

2,500 pound Wooden sculptor carved out of a fallen tree stump found in San Diego. People can touch it and take pictures with it.


Selfie for a Stranger
Artist: Chris Miner

Take a selfie with someone else's phone. What message will your picture leave? What are your thousand words? What will you read in a stranger's face?

Stay Strange
Artist: David Samuel Lopez and the Stay Strange Collective

Stay Strange is a musical collective that brings experimental music to the public. After participating in the first FIGMENT San Diego in 2013, they are returning for their second year,  bringing an array of unorthodox electronic and acoustic instruments. These instruments will include effect boxes, metal sculptures and unusual percussive items.

Participants will be invited to play an array of unusual instruments, opening their eyes to the possibilities of musical exploration. Effect pedals will be hooked up to a PA. Participants will have the opportunity to manually control the sounds in real time. There will also be an area for them to play strange percussive instruments. There may be a few stringed items to play as well.


Stay Strange. Photo by Chad Deal.


Swing Dancing in San Diego
Artist: Joel Plys

Enjoy the Swing Era again as San Diego's premier Swing Dance troupe, THE HANG TEN HOPPERS take the stage to demo and to get you moving with them for a 'social Big Apple'.

Water Finder
Artist: Allie Schulz

Where does our water come from, and what does it get used for? Come relax with our sounds of water shade tent, create your own cardboard lakes, rivers, plants, animals, trees - anything to add to the 3-D mural scene we are creating together. We will also be painting the water sources and water products (fruits, etc!) This is a kid (of all ages) friendly project.

The goal is to get people actively thinking about water issues, especially in Southern California. How do we value water- and what is it that water is used for- just about everything, we will discover. One side of the tent will focus on where water comes from- so little cardboard figures and painting of rivers, lakes, another side for food and energy, I imagine little fruits hanging from the shade tent or going onto a mural similar to this one:



The Web of Identity
Artist: Myriah McGlynn

We invite guests to participate in the making of a web of identity. Colorful yarn will lay limp pinned to the bottom of a large board while words of defining personal characteristics are labeled and attached above. Onlookers are invited to attach yarn from the bottom of the sign to the signs that they identify with most creating a colorful web of a community’s sense of self.

The purpose of this installation is to provide a sense of community for the participants. The identifying characteristics will pertain to a variety of people and as the web grows it will become exceedingly apparent to all who took part in the activity that the people all around them, friends and strangers alike, share similar experiences with them. Our human experience may not be as different as some may think.



Xavier Ramirez

In connection with Stay Strange, Xavier will present a performance art piece in the kiosko for FIGMENT. The theme of this performance incorporates Chicano Park as part of the art.